Activists in Suffolk County, NY Speak Up for Chained, Freezing Dogs


The following story was published on by Denise Carey-Costa and is reposted here with the author’s permission.

This winter has been a horrible one for chained dogs across the nation. Their suffering has been great and many have perished in the sub zero temperatures.Almost Home Rescue

Through various emails and social media, we have seen dogs chained to makeshift dog houses by chains better suited to tow vehicles. All left with no food, no warmth, and water bowls frozen solid, absolutely nothing to sustain them against the frigid temperatures.

You may ask; how can people get away with inflicting such miseries on their animals? Why aren’t they forced by law enforcement and local humane societies to take their dogs inside their homes during extreme weather conditions?

The reason no one saves them is they are hidden in backyards, junkyards and abandoned buildings all across the nation. They are the forgotten ones; left to spend whatever time they have left of their pitiful lives. Their death is slow and silent. By the time someone is aware of what is happening and help arrives it’s too late. All that is left to try and save is a skeletal, emaciated dog with an overly heavy chain around their neck.

Rocks and stones are often found in their bellies in their final attempt and instinct to survive. If they are lucky enough to be found alive, they are the most desperate and pitiful creatures to the eyes of who are compassionate to their cause.

Brooke DeSantis, a seasoned rescuer and advocate stated “Why is our society turning their heads to this barbaric treatment of these helpless companion animals? Why is no one taking responsibility for the slow and agonizing deaths they succumb to? How can we begin to protect these animals and surround them with humanity?”

For these reasons, and many more, there was a rally for awareness in Suffolk County, Long Island New York on February 14th at 1100 am. Participants were there to find answers, and help find solutions to end the torment and misery taking place at this very moment, to voiceless dogs.

“Society is their only hope, and we have failed them long enough.” Says De Santis.

According to Linda Klampfi, President of Almost Home Rescue and creator of “Tie-Out” awareness day; “There is an outdated Suffolk County law and an Agriculture and Markets Law specifying how long dogs can be chained up, what is a “proper” shelter, requirement of food/water but as weak as that law is, it is not even being enforced. We need stronger laws and an enforcing entity to protect these dogs. We need help from our elected officials, local municipalities, and enforcement agencies to protect these dogs and give them a quality of life. Humans domesticated these animals and we have a responsibility to them. This winter has been unmerciful to these poor dogs, which makes this an even more crucial and urgent matter to resolve. Please, let’s unite and not allow even one more dog to freeze to death, or wait for oppressive heat where they die from dehydration,”

The rally was comprised of multiple rescue and advocacy groups. They also demonstrated paraphernalia found on chained dogs, as well as photographs and posters of actual chained dogs.

The demonstration was held at Byldenburgh Dog Park on Vets Highway in Hauppauge, NY across from H Lee Dennison Bldg at 11am.

Those that responded had the attitude that if the dogs are out in this weather so they would be also.

United, we can make the difference of life and death for these forgotten animals.

For interview or further information, please contact Linda Klampfl, Almost
Home, 516- 383-8010 or email at