Be Fit & Enjoy All the Treats that Halloween Brings



by Samantha Lewis

Xist Fitness is THE prime workout gym in this country. A franchise that is heading into serious growth and expansion, Xist Fitness is becoming all the rage because, not only do they offer state-of-the-art equipment, but they also have found a way to create a gym atmosphere that relaxes, calms and soothes – allowing everyone who wants and needs to follow a fitness regime the ability to do it.


But Xist Fitness also gives expert advice. When heading into a fitness and diet regimen, many will hang their heads and either believe Xistthey can never have a piece of candy again in their lives in order to lose weight and stay fit; or, they envision these awful-tasting foods and shakes that will never allow them to have a delicious moment again. But, that’s not the truth.


Trick-or-Treaters are coming right to your door very soon. And if you’re in one of those neighborhoods where the kids are plentiful, bags of candy will be all over your house to help the little ghosts and fairy princesses have a nice evening. When you’re on a diet regimen it’s extremely nerve-wracking to have something as delicious as chocolate in the household, BUT there is hope.


There is nothing wrong with having a decent amount of dark chocolate on hand for your cravings. Dark chocolate can offer great health benefits AND still take care of that unending craving for sweets. Fewer calories is also a plus! And even the trick-or-treaters will be smiling (it’s the apple that drives them nuts, let’s be honest here).


You know what else the little gals and guys would love? Same thing you would. It’s fun to sit with your own children and create healthy treats that are seriously delicious, yet meet the needs of a good diet. Again, the apple thrown into the trick-or-treat bag brings about nothing but sad faces, yet a ‘cool-looking’ and awesome-tasting treat is A-OK for all door knockers; and you can enjoy them too!


For this particular writer, I loved making fudge (yes, believe it or not that rich, savory treat can be healthy), and trick-or-treaters ran to our house first to make sure that they got some as fast as possible. Not only can you decorate homemade treats to make the kids smile, but by throwing yourself into a project, you can also keep away from that huge stash of candy in your house while waiting for Halloween to begin.


Now we move on to the candy that’s left over. This is not a good thing. If you have those bags of store bought candy bars in sight, they can call out to you like ghosts surrounding the house. They want you to sneak them and ruin your diet and all the good work you’ve done. Is one candy bar bad? Absolutely not. Unfortunately, you can’t eat just one. Will-power does exist, BUT when a bunch of candy-coated ghosts are calling out to you, it’s hard to walk away.


What to remember is that there are other holidays coming, which means that leftover candy can be used for Thanksgiving or Christmas decorating. Just think about projects you can do with your own children – gingerbread houses, table settings, decorated cornucopias for the Thanksgiving table – there are tons you can do without actually eating the tons of leftover candy.


Another way you can feel super good about leftover candy is to use it to help bring smiles to other faces. Explore the various places and organizations you can donate to. From our brave men and women overseas to children’s hospitals in you own backyard, bags of candy are more than appreciated.


In other words, you have a world of choices when it comes to the Halloween season. And, yes, you deserve your own treat for working so hard at Xist Fitness maintaining a healthy body weight to live a long, happy life. You want to be around to celebrate many Halloween’s with your kids, so take care of yourself and have FUN!


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