ClimateMaster Solves the Trials and Tribulations of HVAC


ClimateMaster Solves the Trials and Tribulations of HVAC 

by Carmen Schwartz

So…it’s the tenth-straight day of above ninety-degree temperatures. The tenth-straight day of 80% humidity. The homeowner is actually dreaming about those frigid nor’easters, wishing that one would appear for just twenty-four hours in order to stop the blistering heat. The HVAC system suddenly rattles, spits, shakes like the viewer of a horror movie, and…dies. Now, not only is the homeowner and his/her family extremely hot, they are also extremely angry.


Calling up that ‘fix-it’ person can cause even more heat to rise. If they have time, they come to the house in a few hours, and the bill you receive from 4their emergency visit is almost as frightening as the electric bill coming in that month. Advice that comes for fixing that HVAC system that’s failing to meet expectations can run from, blocking the return vent in the basement to using a dehumidifier, and the list goes on. Or, the homeowner can simply stop dealing with the constant summer break-downs of the traditional HVAC system, and use the treasure in their own backyard.


Enter, ClimateMaster. Their top-quality line of geothermal heating and cooling systems installed into the home bring along a cache of benefits for the American homeowner.


Cutting your electric bill up to 80%;

Providing heating and cooling in one system;

Life expectancies of up to 25 years;

Constant quality air in the home;

No hot or cold spots inside the home because at all times the temperature is distributed properly;

The benefit of receiving hot water;

No horrific rickety noises that disturb the peace and quiet of the home when the HVAC system snaps under the weight of summertime temperatures;

AND, a federal tax credit of 30% to the homeowner who installs an ENERGY STAR appliance/system, which ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems are.


Not enough? Add in extra incentives given by many states, which means your investment is also supported by your very own  neighborhood.

The problem of answering questions and receiving help is also a thing of the past, with ClimateMaster’s skilled employees on hand to provide perfect customer service at all times.


And if you’re feeling a little too lucky and want to give back, the homeowner can take joy in the fact that the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system is environmentally-friendly; you are decreasing your carbon footprint as you revel in the fact that your home is finally saved from the blistering elements that Mother Nature provides in the summertime.


This long-term technology, first installed back in 1945, has grown to become the best way for the homeowner to heat and cool their home in a cost-effective manner. Using the largest natural resource we have – the earth – a ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system is literally a ‘loop’ that connects the resources of the earth to the home.


No matter what the temperature is in the Great Outdoors, just a few feet underground the earth’s temperature remains a constant, comfortable temperature at all times – depending on your geographic location that temperature can raise or lower a few degrees. By tapping into that resource that literally is saturated with the solar energy provided all year long, the homeowner can finally find a way to lower the hideous electric bill. And because of underground installation, there is no longer any worry about high winds, rough summer storms, or even vandals coming onto the property to wreak havoc. All is safe for the family.


It’s no shock that over one million ClimateMaster heating and cooling systems have been installed into American homes, when the benefits compared to traditional systems are beyond great.


And when that nor’easter finally does come to town and you’re sitting there truly missing those hot blistering days, the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system is still there for you, making sure you enjoy perfect warm temperatures all winter long.


Your home is your castle, so make sure that every room exceeds your expectations.