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Life Check discusses a number of most important questions relating happiness and fulfillment in our daily lives. For example:

  • Do you keep asking yourself, when will I be happy?
  • Have you forgot what it feels like to be passionate about your life?
  • Do you allow excuses to become the reason you are not going after what you desire in your life?
  • Do you feel you are worth an amazing life and deserve to get all the things that you desire?
  • Have you been following the crowd so long you have lost sight of the real you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Life Check is the book for you!

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About the Author

Robin Marvel has survived mental, domestic and drug abuse, homelessness, and kidnappings throughout her childhood. Now a multi-published author and motivational speaker in the field of self development, Robin strives to be a positive role model for her five daughters. Her passion is to use her story to show others that they are not a product of their past, to show them that even though they may face challenges, they have the power to live their dreams by breaking cycles and taking personal responsibility now. She has also started a non-profit organization, S.E.L.F—Self Empowered Living Free—which hosts a variety of charitable events to fill food pantries, provide life skills and empowerment to those in need. It focuses on the homeless, feeding the hungry and on teen pregnancy. Visit Robin’s website at to learn more.