HEVI-Metal Pheasant Shotshells

This new HEVI-Shot® shotshell takes the Pattern Density Technology™ in HEVI-Metal® shells a step farther.  It uses the same layering technique of dual-density pellets, premium steel and HEVI-Shot®, to make sure hunters have all the knock-down power they need – all while giving them significantly higher pellet counts to fill in any possible holes in the pattern.

pheasant shotshell

The layering lets the high-density pellets outrun the steel by just a little, for maximum patterning consistency.  Then, we use steel 4’s to match the knockdown power of lead #5’s, and steel #5’s to match the knockdown power of lead #6’s.

Look at these pellet counts for equal effective yardages:

12-ga, 2.75”, 1 1/8 oz loads

Lead #5

Steel #3

HEVI-Metal® Pheasant #4

Pellet Count




HEVI-Metal® Advantage



Amazingly, the HEVI-Metal® pheasant product has the effective range of lead #5’s, with a better pellet count.  And the HEVI-Metal® shell has 14% more pellets than a steel shotshell with the same effective range.

Of course, like all HEVI-Shot® products, these shotshells are nontoxic, nonlead, and can be used on any upland birds in any hunting area, whether lead is allowed or not.  And they are magnetic, so they are easy for your warden to check.