Increase Your Sales – By Embracing Who You Really Are


by Dan Caramanico

Increase sales effectiveness by being authentic. Go to to see more tips about how to close sales. Do you like to purchase products and services from individuals who you clearly can tell are trying to be somebody other than who they really are? If you are like most people, the answer is no. We value honesty and integrity and the assurance that the person who is selling us something is representing the features and benefits accurately and truthfully. If a salesperson is pretending to be interested in a prospect’s hobby or clearly trying to display a personality that is unnatural for them, the prospect will doubt the truthfulness of what the salesperson has to say about the products and services. The sales call becomes an acting performance instead of a genuine presentation of a solution for the prospect’s problems. The optimal salesperson is always true to who they really are as a person. Prospects respect the integrity.

Source: Dan Caramanico / Baret News Wire