Increase Your Sales – Determine the Urgency Correctly


by Dan Caramanico

The customer may very well have the pain that your products and services can resolve. Go to to see more tips about how to close sales. However, that doesn’t mean they are ready to make a purchase. They may have other kinds of pain that are far more important for them to address than the pain you can resolve. Therefore, there is no urgency for them to make a purchase from you. They can live with their pain. However, sales people can be insecure and, with hopes of convincing their sales managers they are effectively selling, they classify this prospect as a deal that will close imminently. This only frustrates everyone involved – the salesperson, who never stops chasing this deal that won’t close; the prospect, who is continually hounded to make the purchase; and the sales manager who discovers forecasts aren’t reliable. The Optimal Salesperson not only identifies the pain of the prospect but they also identify the urgency. They ask the prospect when they will be making a decision. If the prospect isn’t ready to purchase, the Optimal Salesperson moves on to find prospects that are.



Source: Baret News Wire