Today’s Recipe – Eggplant and Turnip


Get 2 medium eggplants and gently scoop all of the flesh out, leaving the black shell. This is not an easy thing to do and may require practice.Eggplant and Turnip

Put the shells in a bowl full of water and leave on a side.

Salt well all of the eggplant flesh and let it rest for an hour after covering it. You will find that a lot of water comes out of the eggplant flesh. Gently squeeze the flesh over the sink to let the excess liquid out. Once the flesh is reasonably free from the bitter liquid, place it in a metal bowl.

Add half red onion, half red capsicum, one clove of garlic, parsley (chopped), some bread cut in very small squares – about half inch thick – and some cashew and walnuts. Add sea salt and pepper and one small very ripe banana.

Mix well. After mixing, add some grated turnip – use about half a turnip.

Lace the mixture into the eggplant shells and into a baking tray. Top up the eggplant with some bread crumbs, not a lot, and then some olive oil on top.

Cut 8 medium potatoes in wedges and fill the tray all around the eggplants. Cover with foil and bake at moderate heat for about ½ hour.

Take the foil off and cook in the oven for a while longer till golden brown. If necessary, grill the top, but do not burn anything. Keep an eye to ensure that it is not burned but well-cooked.

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