Best Christmas Gifts for 2016: Creativity & Science Overcome the Technology Wasteland


Best Christmas Gifts for 2016:
Creativity & Science Overcome the Technology Wasteland

by Amy Lignor  

Yes, do not be afraid, there will be LED TV’s on the market this year that are so big you’ll have to sit across the street on the neighbors’ yard just to bring that humongous screen into focus. There will be media and computer products that rival things you’ve only seen in futuristic movies. And, yes, the robots are coming to invade your home. However, when it came to discovering what will be the real “hits” for the younger crowd this Christmas, the categories of creativity and science won the kid’s choice awards for the “best of the best.”   Lists are already coming out from the most reliable magazines and websites offering information on new toys that have been tested for everything from safety to quality. Then, the world’s toughest critics – the children out there – were able to play with them all so that the “fun factor” was added in when the scores were given. Parents will be extremely happy to learn that while they worry about the next LED TV, their children want to be creative and learn everything they can about the world of science.  

The words “Electro Dough” will be heard a great deal in 2016. The “Technology Will Save Us DIY Electro Dough Kit” offers more than a dozen kid-safe projects that teach them all about electricity. Hands-on and a whole lot of fun, each of the projects utilizes conductive dough, which is easy to make using normal household ingredients, such as flour and salt. For only $2, ages 4+ will absolutely love it! In fact, there may just be another Ben Franklin among them. The “Amazing Toys Frozen Science” is also for ages 4 and up. Only $20, these kits let kids go absolutely bazaka over creating everything from tiny snowmen to forts and more that exist in the world of ice.   For those who want a career in the design sector, “Craftivity Kits” will be available this holiday season for kids 12 and older. For only $20 these design projects are incredible for the next generation of artists. Oversize flowers, room decorations, string lanterns, macramé projects – these kits have everything to stimulate the mind and get those artistic hands working.  

Even more artistic ventures were loved by the kid testers 7 and older, when it came to “Creativity for Kids Light-Up Doodle Art.” Many of us older people remember that Lite-Bright we got for Christmas one year and could not put down for hours. Well this product is your regular etching paper BUT with so much more. Masterpieces can be made and placed in a frame where background lights make the picture come alive. This is one for all the artists out there and will most likely stick around just as long as that good, old Lite-Brite has! The “3Doodler Start” is a bit tricky, but only a little practice is necessary to become a pro. By placing a colored plastic stick into the back of the doodler pen, artists 8 and older can create 3-D “drawings” of all kinds of objects. Kids were stuck like glue to this toy for hours.   From “Props in a Box” – little chests that come filled with felt costume pieces so kids can dress up like dinosaurs or pirates; to a service called “Crayola Imaginables,” where a parent can send in their child’s animal drawing and then receive a personalized stuffed animal creation that looks just like it – the gifts for 2016 youngsters will bring out those artistic and scientific skills like never before.   Another reason to put them under your tree? Well…someone will buy Dad that intentionally ugly holiday NFL sweater that is Officially Licensed by the NFL. And someone will buy Mom that bottle of ONEHOPE California Glitter Edition Brut Sparkling Wine, because she’ll have to stare at that ugly sweater Dad is wearing for many football seasons to come. So why not let the kids have extreme fun by expanding their minds…and stepping away from that LED TV that now takes up the entire living room.

Source:  Baret News


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