Budget Vacations Through History


Budget Vacations Through History

by Amy Lignor

One of the top things on anyone’s vacation “to do” list comes in the form of seeing local attractions. In addition, many wish to see those historical sites that they’ve read about over the years but have yet to experience. Among the many upsides of America is the fact that a legion of popular sites can be seen for hardly any fee whatsoever. From museums to popular roadside attractions, there are even some heralded all over the globe that can be “combined” together to create a fantastically cool vacation that will not break the bank.

One of the top places to see is Ellis Island. After all, this is the place where, between 1892 and 1954, millions of immigrants landed, walking off boats in order to embark on the American Dream. In an era where genealogy has become a popular hobby, this is one place to visit that appeals to many. The admission is free; only the ride on the ferry is charged.


Spanning half the country, the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail awaits those who not only wish to experience history but also love to walk, explore and spend a great deal of time in the Great Outdoors. Completely free of charge, visitors can follow the path of these famous men along any part of their trail, or the whole thing that passes through eleven states total. Beginning at the Mississippi River in Wood River, Illinois, the trail ends upon reaching the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park in Oregon. Some sites do have an entrance fee, but by getting an America the Beautiful entrance pass, travelers receive free admission to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites found along the way.


For only $14, you can visit the site of the first permanent British colony set on American soil at Historic Jamestowne. With this price also comes admittance to Yorktown Battlefield. With too much to list in regards to what you will see, let’s just say that these are two places with enough legends to make both the historian and the diehard “ghost hunter” drool.


Another extremely cool site is found in Newport, R.I., in the form of White Horse Tavern. The entrance fee is free (only what you purchase for food and drinks is charged). Here, you are literally sitting where a list of famous men once congregated on a daily basis, including our Founding Fathers, as well as pirates and British soldiers, depending on the decade.


Still free to visit (although a donation is nice), The Alamo still stands as one of the most historic sites in the entire country. You head back to the time of the Texas Revolution when you visit this mission-turned-fort in San Antonio. You also feel as if the past comes to life at this Lone Star location, remembering the fight to the death between Americans and Europeans as they attempted to stop the advance of a truly evil man.


One of the most beautiful places of the past to visit lies in the state of New Mexico. Charging only a $5 dollar fee, you can explore the half-mile trail that goes through the Aztec Ruins National Monument. The awe-inspiring 400-room Pueblo Great House is there, sporting the fingerprints of the original builders. Wandering through the on-site museum in the house of archaeologist Earl Morris is also a treat.


When it comes to wars and battles from the past, Gettysburg National Military Park is truly an unforgettable site. With the cost being $9 and up, this famous battlefield in Pennsylvania is also home to the site of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and requires two full days if you really want to take it all in. A Visitor’s Center, a museum, guided tours, interactive exhibits – there are things for all age groups.


If wanting to lengthen your time in Pennsylvania, you can also visit (for free) Lancaster Central Market in the heart of Amish Country. Being the oldest farmer’s market, here you will find regional delights and be able to feast on foods that are delicious without breaking your budget.


In addition to the sites listed, you still have the opportunity to view (free or at low costs) The White House, Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, as well as the Mark Twain House and Museum based in Hartford, CT, among a list of other locales. In the end, if you wish to have a taste of history, be able to explore and have fun while not spending a great deal of money, make note of all the treasures available that both you and your family will enjoy.


Source:  BaretNewsWire.com




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