Home Design Goes “Green” in 2017


Home Design Goes “Green” in 2017

by Amy Lignor


The term “going green” usually refers to environmental/ecological subjects. However, green has actually been chosen as the color for 2017; the various tones and hues of green will be the color of the majority of products trends, emerald green, man-caves, Pantone, popular, products, homeowners, appliances, carpetingfor the world of home design. We will say ‘so long’ to the white world that everyone with children, by the way, thought was as dumb a trend as possible. After all, there’s not a child in this world who can’t stain a white room in less than five seconds.

It was Pantone (a company that bills itself as “the world-renowned authority on color”) that proclaimed green was ‘it’ for 2017. And in the world of home design, this means furniture, fabric, paint – both indoor and outdoor – as well as wallpaper manufacturers delved into the world of green and have produced as much as possible for the homeowner to decorate in style. Carpeting will go back to green. Now, I know you’re thinking of that hideous green carpeting from the 1970’s, but don’t think that. Any designer or manufacturer will immediately tell you that particular carpeting will never be seen again. That was one of those mistakes that will end up staying only on the walls of Graceland’s recording room where Elvis liked to make music.


But designers and manufacturers are also looking at things to go with all this green…such as technology. The “smart” world will still be going strong. From door locks that are easy-to-use (for the homeowner, not the burglar) to light bulbs that are all about “smart lighting” and saving the homeowner money, manufacturers are even creating bulbs that the owner can adjust through their smart phone while at work or on the road. Everyone can be a programmer quite easily now, changing the lighting in the rooms as well as turning up the heat, turning on the air conditioning and more, so when they arrive home everything will be just perfect.


Countertops are always high on the list of homeowners because the kitchen is still the most popular room when it comes to remodeling. Granite and quartz countertops will be put on the backburner this year as the rich, natural tones of marble come back around. Marble is timeless, and even though granite and quartz are not as vulnerable to chipping and fading, marble brings that roman god feel to the room. Manufacturers understand this so much that they are now creating a number of quartz countertops that are faux marble – you still get that timeless look but don’t have to worry about the chipping.


When it comes to appliances, stainless steel was the tough look that almost brought about a sci-fi feel to the kitchen. Now, however, appliance companies are rolling out alternatives. Black stainless steel instead of the slate gray/silver look is a big seller. And to go with that new “green” house, European companies are offering appliances in bright, bold shades. Top seller? Emerald green.


When looking down at the floors of your house, wood still reigns supreme; yet big, bold tile is rising in 2017. Jewel tones (emerald being a big choice) are being placed in various rooms – from kitchens to living areas to the bath.


The most fun trend last year was the want and need of the “man-cave” for homeowners. Although, to be truthful, a great many wives decided the man-cave was to be set up in the garage or unattached shed. This year the fun home design trend is all about the bar. The bar will no longer be found in the man-cave or the basement rec room. The first-floor bar will be right there to greet you, allowing the home to scream “entertainment” to visitors, friends and family. Before you ask, the accents – whether it be the seat covers on the bar stools or the fancy wine glasses behind you on the shelf – are being made by one and all in beautiful shades of green.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to have some remodeling fun!

Source:  Baret News


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