Inside WildAid


Inside WildAid

by Amy Lignor


Donations can be made. Time can be volunteered. There are a great number of charities, organizations and hard workers out there who strive with everything they have to save the animals WildAid, support illegal poaching by buying, National Wildlife Administration, World Wildlife Federation, be responsible, do your partof the world. The National Wildlife Administration, the World Wildlife Federation – these are just two leaders that help keep our beloved species’ on the map. There is also an organization whose sole mission is to end illegal wildlife trade NOW, instead of later.


WildAid works to save creatures in various countries from illegal poaching by erasing the desire for things we truly do not need. There are big name celebrities offering everything from concerts to commercials to hosting events that bring money into WildAid’s coffers – money used to form a world where there is no longer a market for the fins of the shark, the ivory of the elephant, and so much more.


With annual pro-bono media support, this important message reaches over one billion people on a weekly basis. WildAid does remarkable things in order to persuade all those consumers out there to stop buying illegal animal parts. They also put time and energy into building up more “law and order” to enforce the rules and regulations in place and to make new laws that would help even more animals survive.


Known by one of the most fantastic slogans used today, WildAid tells one and all: When the Buying Stops, the Killing Can Too!


Delving into various projects across the globe, in China (currently the largest buyer of endangered animal parts and products made from them), WildAid is trying to stop what they see as an influx of new consumers with new money that will enter the market over the next few years. Building up a network of media partners and volunteers, WildAid is targeting everyone from key decision-makers and government officials and agencies; to business executives and wealthy urban buyers. Many, including WildAid, believe that if the Asian/China audience changes their mind and stops being consumers, the entire demand for illegal wildlife products will shift, causing the suppliers to stop their killing because they literally have no one to sell to.


WildAid also does a great deal of work in Ecuador. A large majority of people are unaware of the fact that 600 miles off the West Coast of Ecuador, a completely never-before-seen ecosystem has come into being. We are speaking of a world where over 400 species of fish, 150 bird species, and 24 marine mammal species have come together in the Galapagos Islands. A set of currents combined with odd trade winds has also caused an unusual variety of plant species to grow. WildAid created their Galapagos program, helping to support the Galapagos National Park Service (GNPS) to protect the new Marine Protected Area (MPA). Developing a comprehensive law enforcement chain of command, so to speak, WildAid and the GNPS work on better ways to detect poaching, and the subsequent arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.


WildAid, support illegal poaching by buying, National Wildlife Administration, World Wildlife Federation, be responsible, do your partStepping up in the now global issue of Rhinos losing their lives just so poachers can get their horns, WildAid works in Vietnam. Vietnam is a primary market for the horn that is actually causing the slaughter of rhinos to rise in Africa. Launching their campaign “Stop Using Rhino Horn” – a campaign supported by the Vietnamese government, business leaders and the media – WildAid has raised awareness and is committed to helping Vietnam tighten security and strengthen their laws on this subject. Professionally trained detector dogs have even been provided to Vietnam Customs to detect various wildlife scents, including rhino horn, ivory, tiger, and pangolin products.


It was twenty-five years ago that Kenya banned the trade of ivory, yet as Asia grows wealthier, ivory consumers have reappeared and caused the ivory poachers to return full-force, including militant groups and international criminal syndicates. WildAid works with several partners as they raise awareness about this atrocity while working to combat poaching each and every day.


With other projects and work being done in Canada, the U.K., and more, WildAid keeps busy as they work towards achieving their ultimate goal. Whether you are thinking of donating time, energy, money, etc., during this holiday season and are looking for just the right organization to help, take a look at the WildAid website. This is one company that will not stop until the animals of the world are safe from harm.

Source:  Baret News


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