Is Jesus the Latest Trend or that “Little Voice” of 2016?


Is Jesus the Latest Trend or that “Little Voice” of 2016?

by Amy Lignor


Politics and religion: the two most fought over, debated topics in the world. Yet, sometimes, you have to go there.

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Yes, it is Eastertime, which means seeing specials regarding religion and Christianity is not a surprise. And there are certainly classics: “The Ten Commandments,” “Ben-Hur,” “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” etc., that everyone has head of or seen. However, looking back on Easter past, there were never this many movies and specials reaching the big and small screens at the same time regarding the world of Christianity…until now.


With the already amazing reviews and the (predestined) humongous opening of “The Young Messiah” this Friday, it is clearer that Jesus is swiftly becoming the biggest ‘star’ in both movies and television. So…is this 2016 push a “call” to save us all from a President who, if things keep going this way, could blow up the country? Is this a way of seeing the Apocalypse coming? OR, is it just the fact that Jesus is the one hero who we all (or a majority of us) still needs. Moving past that one movie, here is a factual account to think about:


“Risen” was released into movie theatres on February 19th. It was, in fact, a mystery. Roman military tribune Clavius, played by Joseph Fiennes, is asked to investigate what exactly happened to Jesus following the Crucifixion. Accompanied by Lucius, played by Harry Potter’s Tom Felton, he tries to disprove the rumors of a risen Messiah, only to make him question his own beliefs. The movie did very well.


“The Young Messiah” follows Jesus from age 7, and has already (as stated) received some true heavy-hitters offering it praise. The ironic part is that the “Vampire Queen” Anne Rice, actually wrote the story.


Yet…we are not done. Add in “Miracles from Heaven” releasing March 16th, about a young girl with a dire diagnosis who falls from a tree and not only is cured, but also starts talking about her visit to Heaven.


And when it comes to television, there’s even more. On March 20th, a musical that involves Trisha Yearwood playing Mary, the mother of Jesus, called “The Passion,” will air live from New Orleans. This is to celebrate Palm Sunday, although it “feels” like something far more. The story will tell about the last hours of Christ’s life through popular music, with a procession including hundreds of people carrying a 20-foot illuminated cross.


Another huge TV event is a six-part series where viewers will follow Morgan Freeman around the world to explore the meaning of God in all different cultures and religions. “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman” will appear on April 3rd (National Geographic), and is actually airing globally in the springtime in over 170 countries in 45 different languages. Who is God? What happens when we die? All kinds of questions are going to be asked as Freeman attempts to find answers.


With these, the toughest questions being asked, the event may turn out to be the most watched TV of all time (perhaps the Super Bowl shouldn’t count in this conversation). But with the religious sites alone, from Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall to Mayan temples in Guatemala, the scenery and historical information will be exciting to learn about, even if not wanting to be immersed in the topic of religion.


It is an interesting ‘vibe’ to say the least that is happening this year. After Easter comes to a close, there are still movies and TV shows lined up that will be put out the rest of the year. Entertainment that has faith at its very core. Therefore, it is a question that does make sense to ask at this time: Are we attempting to renew our faith? Find hope once again? There have been millions of moments in history that are dark times or even darker than those dark times, yet as this world moves further and further away from humans and more into the world of electronics, robotics, and basically things that can be “powered” or “controlled” (whether it be with a computer or by the government), the 21st-century is looking more and more like Big Brother IS actually the future of us all.


Whatever the case may be, irony strikes again. After all, it is the entertainment industry that’s bringing all this to light. Hollywood seems to believe, and perhaps rightfully understand, that Jesus and His Father are exactly what we need to survive in 2016.

Source:  Baret News


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