Let Your Palate Choose the Vacation


Let Your Palate Choose the Vacation

by Amy Lignor


It is that discriminating taste of yours that may just be the best “picker” when it comes to your ideal vacation spot for 2018. After all, it is not just the cool places to visit, or the children’s parks with icons dressed as six-foot happy mice that are out there to choose from. Some cities on the map not only offer fun things to do for tourists – from museums to parks to hiking and biking trails, and more – they also deliver the most memorable, amazing foods you can possibly ask for.

Here, we give you a delectable “taste” of the best of the best out there, just waiting for you to arrive and chow down on foods that they are famous for; foods that put most Top Chef’s to shame.

If you want a small city that is filled with fun and culture and a menu of awesome foods, head to Charleston. Here you will find the latest food delicacies, but created with rich treasures that can be found on the farm. The ingredients are varied and will have your table covered with everything from succulent shrimp and grits to golden fried chicken that is prepared with a wealth of soul. You will even stumble across restaurants that are famous for some pretty outlandish-sounding but delicious meals, like Scallop Hush Puppies and Frogmore Chowder.


If you are one of those who love to walk and learn everything you can about America, head to Washington, D.C. You will find some of the best food in the U.S. is being served there when you’re tired from your day of roaming the White House or being awed by everything historic at the mighty Smithsonian. It is no wonder that a lot of the government members look…well-fed, seeing as that the gamut they have to choose from for their dining experiences ranges from countryside inns to Spanish tapas. With over 2,000 restaurants, you can choose to sit in a futuristic lodge or enjoy locally-grown and fresh fast-food.


In another strong historic spot on the map, Philadelphia still offers up those cheesesteaks that no other city has been able to match or surpass. This is a tradition that will remain forever in the heart of Philly, but sitting alongside that tradition are state-of-the-art vegetarian restaurants that offer a meatless Reuben; a historic Italian market; as well as hundreds of other restaurants with their own contemporary menus that you have, chances are, never seen or dined on before. Along with its tourist spots, the food found in Philly cements this city as being the one of “Brotherly Love.”

If looking to go west, no American city loves their food more than San Francisco. Heck, because of their new QB trade for their struggling NFL team, bar and restaurant owners are already putting together their new menus for next season, just knowing that a Championship will be coming home to roost in San Fran soon.


Once you have been to San Francisco, you and your palate will always want to return. Open kitchens among the hills, the constantly moving restaurant scene – everything scrumptious can be found here. The city even plays home to some of the most amazing chefs on the planet. The Ferry Building Marketplace; the Twitter Market – whether a diner or a person who loves to cook at home, no corner is bare. Just think…all different varieties of freshly-baked bread to go with any meal you order; seafood and meats cooked to perfection; even coffee and espresso bars are here that will create concoctions for you that can be found nowhere else.

So if one thing you want more than any other from your vacation is the chance to sit back, relax, and feed your palate what it has been begging for, then head to any one of these amazing cities and do just that.


Source:  BaretNewsWire.com





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