Rewarding Land Ownership Stems from Spirit


Rewarding Land Ownership Stems from Spirit


When ‘Dallas’ is mentioned in conversation, most minds immediately think of either a magnificent city or, of course, the much-beloved NFL Cowboys. What many may not realize, however, is that Dallas, Texas is a lot like a compass when it comes to looking for the perfect ranch land purchase. It is here where a needle can point in any direction and lead a prospective client to the property that is exactly right for them. And that proverbial ‘needle’ that helps all buyers and sellers get what they need is in the hands of a company called, Republic Ranches.


Speaking with a client, understanding each and every factor the client is looking for when it comes to the property they wish to own, is the most important step in a system that has made Republic Ranches one of the most trusted ranch real estate firms in the business.


Bryan Pickens "Ranch Broker"

Bryan Pickens
“Ranch Broker”

Bryan Pickens is one man in the team that shows people what buying property is all about. He is the ‘compass’, whether the destination be in Texas or Oklahoma, that leads a person or family to the property they have wanted and needed all along. Working in the Republic team, Bryan makes sure people understand that simply sending out a list of ‘properties to be sold/bought’ is not a part of the Republic Ranches state of mind. He believes that rewarding land ownership comes from spirit; the spirit and hard work of the owner, as well as the spirit of the land, itself. The land owner achieves a great deal from their property, and more families are feeling revitalized, as they discover the property they want future generations to enjoy.



Mr. Pickens, can you speak regarding what the majority of client’s want from a property in 2014? What are the motivating factors that are driving them to purchase land?


There are a variety of factors, but I would say the majority come from the recreational aspects of the land. The wish for hunting, fishing, being in the great outdoors – these are properties that prospective buyers are searching for; they want to find that perfect home-away-from-home place that they can enjoy for a good, long time to come.


Considering the massive ‘green’ movements, so to speak, do the areas of conservation or restoration play a part in many client’s wishes?


Conservation. The revitalizing of habitats – all land improvements made by the owner are certainly of interest. They want to make the property as healthy and productive as possible. After all, whether it be re-introducing a certain species of animal, adding water resources to the land, or making soil enhancements to better the ranch, every landscape improvement not only adds financial value for the owner, but also increases the everyday, emotional value. The family can enjoy it more, the recreational uses are increased, and the ranch/farm is provided with more benefits.


The main point is just to identify all of the client’s needs, and then match them with the right piece of property that covers everything they were originally looking for. After ownership, Republic Ranches has the wealth of contacts that can aid an owner in any ‘project’ they wish to then take on.


There must be a great variety of needs Republic Ranches must consider, being that each buyer/seller is so unique.


Absolutely. When looking into recreational use of a property, you will receive a certain list of requirements. But, when speaking about say, cattle ranching, there are much more detailed items that need to be considered; such as, finding good range quality and grasses to run enough cows to make the ranch profitable. This brings up requirements for ‘x’ number of head to accommodate, certain regions the owner wants to stay in, rainfall patterns, et cetera. So identifying the goals of the client is an absolute must in order to do the best job possible.


Speaking with some of your colleagues, it seems that the youth perspective is also a topic considered by prospective buyers?  


I completely agree. Youth involvement is a must. “Nature Deficit Disorder” is quite prevalent, actually. There has been a complete disconnect between youth and the outdoors, as they choose to have more screen time and less time to actually interact with the outdoors. A lot of families and ranch buyers are searching for a property where they can not only sit on the front porch and have a cup of coffee, but also a place where the kids can camp, enjoy that perfect fishing spot, and make memories in the outdoors.


Are more purchases being made for the long-term family unit, or are there more vacation excursion spots being sold?

Both, actually. There are always families looking for that ranch, or wishing to build their own working ranch. There are also those clients who are looking for land that is purely a vacation spot.

In other words, having the rural realm to enjoy, but also making sure there’s a bit of the modern?


No matter how rural a client goes, there is always the need to know the nearest Walmart. (LOL) So, yes, the blending of rural and modern has to be taken into account for most everyone.


Dallas is always seen as the metropolis of Texas. How do you feel about the area?


I believe that Dallas is a great area, you can point your compass in any direction and you will find exactly what you want. Whether it be different species of game, or soil types for the farmer/rancher looking for something specific, or different landscapes and terrain – mountains, brush, hill country, bass lakes…you can find it all.


Have you always been in real estate?


Yes, it’s always been a passion of mine. I have always felt that land investments are extremely rewarding because they are two-fold: they are a tangible investment and an emotional one. Land ownership comes from having a great spirit. It is an emotional investment that literally ties someone to the land and environment around them. They have a home; most definitely something that can be handed down for many future generations to come, which gives it huge emotional value, thus increasing the owner’s spirit.


There are many examples when it comes to reintegrating wildlife into certain areas – the benefits and the problems that arise. (AKA wolves in Yellowstone). How do you feel about decisions being made in these areas?


Enhancing wildlife and habitat is a fantastic thing for both landowners and the state, itself. Of course Texas is not reintroducing creatures that can hunt and kill man. (LOL) But bringing back a native species, like turkey reintroduction or mule deer, is a must. And it increases recreational opportunities, like hunting. Back in the 1980s, reestablishing the redfish and trout along the Gulf Coast regions was a phenomenal decision, increasing fishing activities, and saving a few very important species of fish. But there is always a balance that must be made. Managing a fishery or lake, supporting the wildlife – any and all decisions like this need to be made by a landowner with best stewardship practices in mind.


Can you tell us what makes Republic Ranches so unique?

 Actually, there are many things, but the primary is that we are ‘one team’. We work together to make sure each and every client gets exactly what they need, and is provided the best property to achieve their specific goals. We have multiple experts in multiple regions and contacts in all capital markets, so that everything is covered. Because we work as one unit, with the combined expertise between us, the client will get exactly what they are looking for.


And with the recent announcement that Republic and Fay Ranches are combining efforts, your reach will grow to even more regions very soon?


Yes. Republic Ranches and Fay Ranches have announced a new alliance. We are working to expand each other’s reach, and increase the wealth of contacts and services we can provide to the client. Fay is a firm in the Rocky Mountain West, and with our success in Texas and Oklahoma markets, we have expanded into New Mexico, and will work on other projects to make sure that the match-ups between client and property remain the very best.


It’s an exciting future, and our team is very much looking forward to the years ahead.




Land ownership is about spirit. It is about a state of mind. Land ownership is about the family, the business, or the enjoyment of being able to escape to that perfect spot. No matter what your focus happens to be, the knowledge and expertise that covers the 254 counties of the Lone Star State, as well as Oklahoma and beyond, make Bryan Pickens and the rest of the Republic Ranches team the one thing all prospective landowners need on their side. It is the Republic Ranches ‘spirit’ that makes land ownership the ultimate reward.


Original Source: Sportsmans

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