Sometimes a Hero Needs a Helping Hand


by Denise Carey-Costa

Modern day news stories are filled with stories of desperation, violence and disasters. It’s not often we hear about the heroes in the world, those going above and beyond to help their fellow man and/or fellow creatures.

Stephanie Fariss, a resident of Chicago, Illinois was inspired by the wonderful works of Chicago’s Trio Animal Foundation and decided to find a way to help animals abandoned in shelters, many with no future other than to be euthanized.

Stephanie was appalled at the way some humans treat their pets, more like garbage or a mere commodity than a living, breathing creature.Roscoe NC Dog Rescue

Impassioned to do something about this she began pledging and networking with rescues all over the United States. She was instrumental in rescuing dogs and cats and sometimes kittens from high kill shelters mainly in the southern states such as Texas and North Carolina. Through her efforts, dedication and sponsorship over 100 dogs were pulled from these kill shelters within the past year.

When Stephanie heard of the recent crisis at Gaston County Animal Control in North Carolina, she knew she had to intervene. Unfortunately, new practices at Gaston County were making it a less friendly environment for rescue groups causing them to boycott the shelter leading to the deaths of even more dogs. A vicious circle with no way out.

Stephanie began sponsoring dogs by the dozens, soon she was up to eighty dogs and was paying for their medical care, boarding and transportation costs. Luckily for her approximately half have been rescued but forty more dogs remain, stuck in boarding in North Carolina. All are fully vetted and all are ready for adoption.

There is no doubt Stephanie went above and beyond to help these dogs when others would not. Dogs that would now be dead if it was not for her. Unfortunately the good deed has a heavy price tag.

Stephanie currently owes $15,000.00 in boarding and vetting costs. She is trying to move the animals out quickly but all of the rescues in the area have been full for months so they cannot take any more dogs in.

The dogs are all currently being boarded at Double N Kennels located at 10442 Moores Chapel Road, Charlotte, NC 28214 and at Kindness Kennels 5200 Moss Cove Court Monroe, NC 28110.

If Stephanie does not receive help soon she will not be able to continue helping these dogs.

If you can offer rescue help for any of the remaining 40 dogs please visit their Facebook page at:

If you cannot rescue but are able to donate money to help defray the boarding/medical costs please donate via:

Stephanie Fariss is a hero and Good Samaritan but heroes often need a helping hand to continue their important work. She made a promise to these dogs and she intends to keep it. Please help Stephanie achieve her mission.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


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