This Summer the RV Gets an A+

When it comes to summer vacation (and vacation plans for the fall, by the way) it is a fact that almost *80% of Americans are planning to get in their RVs and hit the highways for a road trip in 2017. (*Statistics provided from AAA). No, it’s not just those who love to camp, or hunt, or fish, or be a part of the Great Outdoors – choosing the RV comes from low gas prices, great weather, and being provided with some of the coolest places on the map to visit.

Get Ready for Lower Gas Prices

  Get Ready for Lower Gas Prices ~ By Burt Carey   Great gasoline prices are coming your way this fall. Thanks to a glut of cheap crude oil on the market that continues to drop in price as summer wanes, consumers can look forward to paying close to or less than $2 per gallon […]

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