Leaf-Peeping is Around Every Corner in the Northeast

Believe it or not, leaf-peeping is just around the corner – every corner when you’re talking about the North East section of the United States. And even though you may still be sweating and enjoying the last lazy days of summer, it is right now when you have to plan that ultimate vacation that is all about slowing down and, quite literally, taking in the view.

This Summer the RV Gets an A+

When it comes to summer vacation (and vacation plans for the fall, by the way) it is a fact that almost *80% of Americans are planning to get in their RVs and hit the highways for a road trip in 2017. (*Statistics provided from AAA). No, it’s not just those who love to camp, or hunt, or fish, or be a part of the Great Outdoors – choosing the RV comes from low gas prices, great weather, and being provided with some of the coolest places on the map to visit.

Peak Times for Fall Foliage Tours

  Peak Times for Fall Foliage Tours By Burt Carey   From Vermont to the deep South, the Midwest and the Rockies, fall is one of the best times of the year for sight-seeing, especially among those of us who relish autumn colors. It doesn’t take much preparation to see the annual deciduous hues that […]

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