The Beauty of Bozeman Calls to Tourists Everywhere


The Beauty of Bozeman Calls to Tourists Everywhere

by Amy Lignor


Whether you are a person who loves the Great Outdoors and wants to feel that “call of the wild,” or you are one who wishes to dine out and then attend an amazing symphony, Bozeman, Montana is one location that has all those needs – and more – completely covered.

Bozeman from Saddle Peak in the Bridger Mountains, Montana, USA                               Image:   Wikimedia

A lively, active university town, Bozeman rests in the Gallatin Valley surrounded by the mighty Rockies. With a diverse list of attractions, and more than 300 sunny days a year, Bozeman is rated as being one of the few vacation destinations for all ages during all four seasons. The beloved Yellowstone Park is just a short drive away, miles of hiking and biking trails run through Gallatin National Forest, the rivers and streams cater to the devoted angler, winter allows for fabulous skiing, and when it comes to entertainment the symphony orchestra, theatre, opera and ballet make Bozeman hit on all cylinders.


When wishing to stay in the Great Outdoors of Montana, you can have a ball at Palisade Falls. Experience an 80-foot-drop off a rugged vertical rock wall at the base of Palisade Mountain. Being just a short drive from Bozeman through Hyalite Canyon, the falls are one of the most popular go-to places for families with children. Completely paved and shaded nicely, the hiking trails allow for views of the mountain peaks while heading to the nice picnic area at the base of the falls, where the sight is stunning and the mist creates cool air and a memorable family experience.


If looking to go back in time, the Museum of the Rockies is where you can see a real Tyrannosaurus skull, among the largest collection of dinosaur bones in the country. This fascinating museum is where Dr. Jack Horner works who is the scientist behind the Jurassic Park creatures. Add to that fascinating exhibits, such as: Enduring Peoples, about American Indians from the Northern Plains; History of the Northern Rocky Mountain Region, about the frontier days; and the Living History Farm in the Tinsley House, about family life during the turn-of-the-century, and you come away with a very cool experience and an education, as well.


For the skier, located north of Bozeman is Bridger Bowl, and is locally-owned, non-profit and extremely popular with tourists. The area stretches for about two miles from the mountain ridgeline to the bowl base at about 6,000 feet, with 75 marked and many unmarked trails to choose from allowing all skill levels to have a true winter adventure.


For those who love rafting, kayaking and fly-fishing, the 120-mile long Gallatin River is waiting in Bozeman. Considered one of the best whitewater rafting runs in the Yellowstone area, visitors flock from all over to take on the challenge. When it comes to making the perfect catch, mountain whitefish, brown trout and rainbow trout are popular species. You can also enjoy the amazing scenery while camping, in traditional Native American teepee style, on the many campsites along the river.


A true cultural icon of Montana is the Bozeman Symphony Society, which has been offering mesmerizing entertainment since 1968. Visitors are urged to join the growing number of students and musicians who come together to preserve musical excellence. The symphony also supports many community outreach programs, donates tickets to non-profits in an attempt to share and build the love of music, and aids young musicians with scholarships and various other opportunities.


When speaking about Bozeman, you certainly must mention wildlands, wildlife and star attractions and tours that can be found in Yellowstone National Park. Visitors can take Yellowstone safaris, Llama treks, or even special interest tours that cover everything from the Lewis & Clark expedition to Indian country to Montana’s ghost towns.


In other words, when putting together a compilation of the places to visit, areas to stay, and the friendly citizens you meet, a trip to Bozeman may just turn out to be the new zip code you want to live in on a daily basis.


For more information on places to visit, as well as exploring the Downtown District with its rich heritage, quaint shops and a variety of fine dining opportunities, head to:






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