The Republican beauty pageant, 50 contestants & a swimsuit competition


The Republican beauty pageant, 50 contestants & a swimsuit competition
I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh… here we go!


It seems like every day now Republicans are announcing new candidates for 2016 presidential race. Maybe instead calling it a race, cause I’m pretty sure no Republican wants the word race mentioned in the 2016 elections, maybe it should be called a pageant .. like the Miss American pageant… after all, it would allow the Republicans to get a candidate from all 50 states, by the way, I think at the rate candidates are filing, that is just days away.
Seriously, though you could sell tickets to this event or just get a sponsor – “The 2016 Presidential pageant is brought to you by  Koch … Have a Koch and a vote!” Plus, we could use the same judging categories:
Talent (Cause every good political can 2 step)
On stage questions – Debates. And Swimsuit, cause it’s really hard to hide anything in Swimsuits of today. Then again, if Republicans want a candidate to get into the white house, you should consider running someone who understands both sides of the issues. #CaitlynJenner4President, cause she’s a Republican!
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