Why Picking a Real Estate Agent is Your Biggest Investment


Why Picking a Real Estate Agent is Your Biggest Investment

by Amy Lignor


In this day and age, when it comes to buying or selling property, the largest investment you make comes in the form of who you choose to help you succeed. It’s certainly known that selling a home has become easier over the years with the introduction and popularity of online services. Utilizingthese can help sellers set a price, market, advertise their listing, and more. But even in this technological age, most homeowners are still hiring a real estate agent to do the work. They want that qualified individual who knows the industry backwards and forwards. But with the industry growing at such a rapid pace, and newcomers on the scene every day, it’s important to understand the steps to take in order to hire the right person.

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There are three things to remember when doing this. And although they may seem easy, there are many who do not take these tips too seriously, leading them to have horrible experiences that they could have avoided.


First and foremost: Do your homework before signing on any dotted line. Just like finding a doctor, researching agents carefully is extremely important. Remember, you’re looking for someone with the right mixture of intelligence, knowledge of the industry, and experience, as well as a good personality and a strong work ethic. Online services can help with this; although some real estate agents are terrific at marketing themselves and their abilities, they’re not as good when it comes to proving them. Therefore, get those recommendations. If going for an agent close by, in your town, then ask friends, relatives, business owners in the area, banks, etc., if they have dealt with a specific agent in the past and what their thoughts were. Referrals are necessary and will give you the peace of mind you need when settling on the right agent.


Secondly: Ask questions! Everything you can think of upon meeting up with various agents you need to ask about and they need to answer. After all, they should know the answers easily enough. Just as you would ask those friends and relatives questions like: “How did this agent navigate you through difficult negotiations?” or, “Did they set and exceed your expectations when it came to showings, offers, etc.?” You will need to ask questions of the agent’s themselves. Find out about their recent sales and how quickly the homes sold. It’s completely fair to ask a prospective agent how many listings they currently have, and how many customers they’re working with – buyers and sellers. It helps when an agent is “in demand” but they still must meet your needs and have time enough to work for you and get your listing sold. Take note: Sellers should remember that a high percentage of home sales involve an agent for the buyer as well as the seller. Therefore, it’s essential to sit down with them and make sure they have those communication skills that will bring all of your home’s benefits to light for any interested buyer.


Last, but never least: Talk finance. Yes, being an agent is a career and that person needs to make money just as you do with your sale. But go through what the potential agent gets for commission. Their financial incentives will make them work harder for you. And for them to collect, they need to sell your property and fast. There are those who want to sell so fast, though, that they could end up recommending you put a lower price on the house, or suggest you over-spend on home improvements that end up costing a lot and not adding as much value to the house as they originally said.


In the end, the only agent for you is the ethical, hard-working man or woman with experience behind them. Your goal is to find that person who works for you but is also your expert teammate, keeping your interests first.


There are a variety of websites to help you keep up with the newest trends, tips and changes in the real estate realm, so make sure you keep up to date before going on the hunt to choose an agent.


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